April 25, 2009

Finals Finals Finals

Hello, readers.  And hello, Newman.  

It's finally finals time, which means it's time for me to cut back on my kitchen time for a couple weeks.  I will be spending considerably more time eating meals like last night's delicious carnitas from Pancho Villa and considerably less time washing dishes.  Last night, unlike the last time we went to PV, we did not run into Al Franken.  However, while should-be senators are not always to be found there, good food is.  

And 2-for-1 margaritas.  All day, every day.  Two of them make me look like this.  

Er, maybe I'm confused.  I guess they just make Matt look like this.    

Getting back to the point of this post, if you find yourself disappointed by the lack of updates, pause for a minute, and be happy you're not spending your Saturday night (and Sunday.  and Monday.  and Tuesday...) in the same way I am.  Sipping a little vinho verde, staring out at the Minneapolis skyline, and studying family law.  


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