June 11, 2009

BBQ Pizza and Fun Facts

1. I still hate Comcast.  They are the worst.  I've been on the phone with them an average of 5 times per day since Monday, and I finally have internet again.  Here's a brief summary of my last 48 hours.

10:03AM, Wednesday: Comcast calls to confirm that a technician is coming on Thursday between 10 and 12.  
10:10AM, Wednesday: Someone else at Comcast calls to ask when I am going to return my equipment or if I need a technician to pick it up.  What equipment?  I just picked up new equipment!  As Ren would say, "You iiiiiiiiiidiots."

11:56AM, Thursday: Comcast technician shows up, tells me the wiring in my building is old, and spends an hour making it work again.  It worked perfectly fine a week ago, in case you were wondering.  

2. I love cooked pickles.  Deep fried?  I'll take them.  Cuban sandwich?  Yes, please.  On pizza?  Give it to me.  Pickles are one of the few ingredients with which I'll stray from my less is more motto for pizza.  More is more with these puppies.  Try it and you will think the same.  They get warm and soften up a bit, but they still retain their crunchiness around the edges.  Perfection.  

I made this BBQ pizza last night with ingredients I had laying around, and it was really delicious.  Instead of pizza sauce I used barbeque sauce as the base.  I had a couple frozen mini turkey burgers and a frozen hamburger that I thawed and sauteed with some oregano and garlic.  Some of the meat went this pizza and the rest went on a second pizza.  Next came the all-important pickles.  I had a big jar of hamburger dills, and I just loaded them on.  The more the merrier.  I drizzled on a little more barbeque sauce, topped it all off with some grated white cheddar, and cooked it until the cheese was all melted.  It was tasty.  

3. I got burned.  And not just by Comcast.  It was by a hot pan this time.  A couple of days ago I made Chicken Tikka Masala from the Pioneer Woman's website (it was delicious), and a hot pan of chicken branded me with a heart.  And stole some of my skin.  Gross, huh?  

4. I just discovered there is a Trivial Pursuit show.  How do I get on it?  As of last night I am up 2-0 over Matt, and I think with a little more practice I will be ready for TV.  The only downside is that the host is that Brady guy that married the America's Next Top Model girl.  

5. My mom is on her way to Minneapolis!  My dad decided he would rather reconstruct the driveway than eat good food and hang out with us, so our girls' weekend will commence shortly.  You can find us at Brasa, Chino Latino, possibly Sebastian Joe's, and then running around the lakes to work it all off.



Blogger Elizabeth said...

Chicken Tikka Masala is TOTALLY worth getting burned over.

June 15, 2009  

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