November 22, 2009

Miss me?

Hello, hello. I wanted to reassure everyone that I am indeed alive. I am still cooking and eating. Sadly, the cooking that I have been doing lately has been very rushed and not really worthy of talking about on here. While I have been consuming the so-so meals, law school has been consuming me. The majority of last week was occupied with a visit from my mom, which means cooking gets replaced by eating out at fun restaurants. Since she left on Friday I have been staring at my computer screen and writing and writing and writing. Unfortunately none of that writing has been related to food, and I highly doubt you'd like me to post the dozens of pages I've written on reforming political advertisements or analyzing land use. As much as I would rather be talking about my favorite Thanksgiving dishes than writing about the crazy things that Alaskan politicians say, I will be stuck doing the latter for the next 36 hours or so. In a mere 48 hours, though, I will be relaxing in Iowa, free to think about food all I want and free to cook delicious things. Hopefully I will be telling you about it shortly thereafter.

In honor of my brother's birthday (Happy Birthday, Kyle!), I thought I would post a picture of what we were doing one year ago today. In case November 22, 2008 does not ring a bell I'll give you a little help. It was the 45th anniversary of JFK's assassination, the 28th anniversary of my mom giving birth to my adopted brother Kyle, and (get ready for it) the day Iowa shut out Minnesota 55-0 in Minnesota's final game at the Metrodome! Three historical events sharing a single day. It's hard to believe, right? For Kyle's early birthday present, the Hawks shut out the Gophers again yesterday, albeit by a much smaller margin. And oddly enough Matt and I found ourselves back at the Dome today, exactly a year after the above picture was taken. I was wearing the exact same shirt as last year, but this time we were watching the Vikings take down the Seahawks. Although I'm more of a Colts and Bears fan than a Vikings fan, I thought I would wear a little gold to support the home team and at the same time rub in yesterday's loss to all the Gopher fans present. Two birds, one stone. Speaking of oddities (unrelated to space), Herky was at the game! He was part of the halftime show, playing football with a bunch of Minnesota mascots. I'm still a little confused about his presence, but it was an exciting surprise nonetheless.


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